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Google Adwords

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adwords, or pay per click advertising, is a very effective way to have your website viewed by customers or viewers that are using a search engine to find a relevant website to the content or location that they are in. Of course, when a customer is looking for content or a business for a particular product, they are very likely to go to a search engine first instead of the Yellowpages, as the invention of the internet makes it much easier to find a relevant source of information. This is a huge advantage for you if you are utilizing SEO techniques, and the use of Google Adwords can be the difference between having your website viewed and increasing your overall traffic on your website, and having your website completely missed because another website ranks higher in the search engine than yours.


DCL Designs Can Put an Adwords Campaign Together
That Best Suits Your Product or Service

Google Adwords are the pay per click advertisements that come up with a user searches for a particular product or for other keywords on a search engine. This type of pay per click advertising places your website higher on the search engine when a keyword or phrase is entered into the search bar. By placing your website higher on the search engine, the user of the search engine will see your website before any others, and is much more likely to click on your link. Of course, Google Adwords does require that you pay money every time a user clicks on your advertisement, which can be harmful if you are running a start-up, but for businesses who are already established and have a steady source of income every month. this type of advertisement can be a huge boost for the overall potential customer pool that the business draws from, and can increase the monthly revenue by quite a bit.

Depending on Your Individual Keywords
Your Clicks Could be Fairly Costly

Google Adwords and other types of marketing that require you to pay every time a use clicks on the website do not build your online reputation like organic marketing does, but they do allow you to gain more views on your website, and can be very helpful when you are trying to spread absolutely any type of website content around to the general public with internet access. Search engines can be a great tool for you to use, but this type of advertising is only helpful if you have the money to pay for it.